Jennifer Basa is an Emmy award-winning television producer turned stay-at-home mom to two boys, wife to a television editor, and overall creative director for her family of four in Los Angeles, California.

After growing up in Michigan, Jennifer graduated from the University of Florida and then started her career in New York City at the entertainment news show, Extra. Soon after, she moved to Los Angeles and found herself right in the middle of the Reality TV craze producing for hit shows like The Amazing Race, Big Brother, Celebrity Rehab, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and many more.

Through her many Hollywood adventures, Jennifer always remained vocal and steadfast in her daily battle against the chronic illness Lupus, for which she was diagnosed in 2003. Once having children became a legitimate health option for her, she knew that putting her career on hold was the right choice.

Being a stay-at-home mom did not mean that Jennifer stopped creating. Instead of producing TV shows, she began producing everything else in her life. From birthday parties, to her boys’ sports functions, to large neighborhood gatherings and even larger school events. She never met a theme she didn’t like, or a story that couldn’t be told. Since friends were always asking for tips and tricks, she thought a blog would be a perfect place to share all of her discoveries.

Now that her boys, Sawyer and Grayson, are out of the baby and toddler phases, Jennifer is dedicating herself to creating content and sharing ideas on everything from entertaining, healthy recipes, fitness, pop culture, parenthood, and travel adventures… all the while, trying to look affordably fashionable. Welcome to Red Carpets to Runny Noses!