Why did you start a blog?
I have always loved sharing (umm… sometimes oversharing) my fun fashion finds, easy recipes, party tips and more with anybody who asked. Having my own blog just seemed like the perfect way for me to share my voice with a larger audience, while having one destination for all of my favorite things to live. I believe that everything in life has a narrative… whether it is a television show, a party, a holiday meal, or a Halloween costume… there is always a story to be told. I love sharing my personal story with you!

How tall are you?
It helps so much for shopping purposes to know a blogger’s height! I am 5’6”.

Who takes your pictures?
My incredible husband, or myself.

Do you work with other brands?
Yes! I love working with like-minded brands, as well as promoting products and places that I believe in. Please check out my LETS WORK TOGETHER page for more detailed info on collaborations. If you’d like to work together, advertise or just say hello, please go to my CONTACT page and send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!