Halloween is a really big deal at our house and the kids get excited about every little detail.  Because of their enthusiasm, decorating for this holiday is always a ton of fun.  But I don’t think anyone should feel pressure to go out and buy all new things every year.  Each season my goal is to purchase less then a handful of new items that easily flow into my existing collection.  So every year when I unpack my boxes of decorations, I am tickled to find more options then I had the year before!

The focal point for holiday decorating in my house is always the mantel in our living room.  Mantels are an easy way to transform a space because they are so multifunctional:  you can easily set things on top of them, hang pieces on the wall above them, and even place banners below them.  You get a lot of bang for your buck!

The good news is that seasonal decorating does not have to break the bank.  There are so many stores that have such fun, festive pieces for very little cost.  Always get on email lists so you’re notified when big seasonal sales are happening.  This year I received an email from Michael’s that for one day only they were having 70% off all holiday decor.  You better believe I ran right up there and stocked up because that is a huge savings!

Here is the breakdown of where I bought the items you see in the photos:

1. Felt Bats are from Grandin Road but are sold out.  There are non-felt versions that provide the same effect for less money and have been among my best-selling items for the last two years.  Can find them here and here.

2. Wood signs are from Homegoods but I’ve linked similar options here, here and here.

3. Craft pumpkins in white, in orange and in black from Michaels.  Micro lights that I use for every holiday throughout the year can be found here and here.  My favorite witch hat can be found here.

4. Hanging banners are a few years old but I’ve linked similar versions here, here and here.

5. Skulls can be found here.

6. Orange candle is many years old from Pottery Barn, but I found some really cute and less expensive options here and here.

7. The bones in the jar are from a stacking game we had lying around.

8. Large metal jack-o’-lantern is from Homegoods last year, but I found similar sets here and here.




Thanks for reading!  xoxo, JB







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