Everybody knows who Harry Potter is so when it comes to a costume idea that’s SO popular, it’s hard to not end up just looking like everyone else. One summer day while we were at Universal Studios Hollywood, I saw these really cute adult Quidditch t-shirts in one of the shops. Inspiration hit me and I jotted down an idea in my phone for later. That’s how last year’s family Halloween costume came to be: Hogwarts All-Star Quidditch Team!

This is a unique spin on an ever-popular costume idea that works for families or groups of any size. Each person can choose what Hogwarts “house” they want to belong too (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin or Ravenclaw), while still maintaining the cohesive theme. My oldest son is OBSESSED with Harry Potter and it was his year to choose the family costume scheme so of course he chose to be Harry himself. Next, my younger son chose his house and then my husband and I took what was left.

In the Universal Studios store, only adult versions of these shirts are available, but online they have children’s sizes too (score)! This was back in August 2018, so since then, similar and CHEAPER options have popped up on Amazon too (I’ve linked everything below the photos). All of us already own black shorts and shoes, so all that’s left is the knee socks and some sporty accessories like striped sweatbands, bandanas and my headband.

Lastly, the main prop in our costume is the Quidditch broom which the characters use to fly through the air while trying to grab the quaffle and score. This part made me the proudest because we completely DIY’d them! All you need is a hand broom, some twine, strong tape and a stick. The boys made it their mission to find the four best sticks in the park, searching high and low underneath all of the trees (it was adorable). Then we fastened each hand broom to the stick with lots of twine, and firmly secured it with black electrical tape. Voila!


If a Harry Potter family costume isn’t quite your jam, please check out this post where I detail FIVE other family and group costume ideas. There’s a little something for everyone.  Also, check my social media feeds on Halloween night to see the reveal of this year’s family costume!!  Hope you all have a spectacular Halloween and thanks for always reading, pinning and sharing my posts!

xoxo, JB

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