If you have children, you know what a big deal Valentine’s Day can be. Being a preschooler or elementary-aged child during the month of February comes with excitement over Valentine performances, class parties, and of course… the valentine exchange!  In today’s post, I’m sharing the homemade valentines that the boys and I have made over the last few years.  I apologize for some of the poor photo quality, as some of these were taken years ago with an old, broken iPhone 🙁  Hopefully you’ll get the gist and it will provide some inspiration for ideas you may want to try!

When it comes to planning any sort of festive occasion in our house, I try really hard to make it a DIY affair. It’s so fun to work with the kiddos to create something special that they can be proud of. Granted, my kids are young so Mommy still does most of the heavy lifting. When they were really young and couldn’t write yet, I would just type their names on the valentines. But as soon as they were old enough to scribble anything resembling their name, I had them do it. Even though it’d be faster and easier for me to continue to type… making the kids go through the exercise of signing each and every valentine is an important task for them to perform. It helps them understand the hard work involved in making a gift from the heart, and gives them ownership and pride for their project.

Pencil Valentine Hearts


Similar printable hearts from Etsy here; decorative scissors; festive ribbon; Valentine pencils

– Print the desired amount of valentines and cut them out. I used decorative edge scissors for a little extra flair, and they also make more forgiving lines.
– Poke two holes in the valentines and push pencils through.
– This heart ribbon is from the dollar store and I tied a small piece at the top of each pencil, but you could always skip this step.
– Sawyer wrote his name on every valentine, but because he was young and still wrote REALLY big (wink), there wasn’t enough room on the little hearts. Instead, I had him write on the large lined paper he was used to, and then we cut and glued them on red construction paper and attached them to pencil. I knew this portion would take time so I only had him do 5 per day so he didn’t get overwhelmed.


Cereal Box Valentines


Exact cereal valentine from Etsy here, or other similar options here; mini cereal boxes; twine; small wood spoons; decorative scissors; hole puncher; optional red sharpie

– My boys are obsessed with mini boxes of cereal! They always get a kick out of anything that is single-serving size, so this valentine was an instant hit.
– Print the desired amount of valentines and cut them out. I used decorative edge scissors for a little extra flair, and they also make more forgiving lines.
– Punch holes in the tags. Pull twine through the tag and tie around the cereal box, tightly securing the spoon as well.
– Optional: take a red sharpie and draw little red hearts on the spoons.


Cookie Valentines


Exact cookie valentine from Etsy here, I love this one too, or other similar options here; plastic mini treat bags; stapler; cookies

– I make homemade cookies all the time so when I saw these adorable cards, it was a match made in heaven. BUT, this is also a perfect valentine if you’re short on time and can’t bake. A store-bought cookie will work just as well!
– What I really love about these valentines is that there’s plenty of space for kids to write their own name. I love that the message is on the front, and the kids can sign their name on the back side.
– Print the desired amount of valentines and cut them out. Fold each one in half over the cookie bag and staple on each side to secure. You can find mini treat bags at Michaels, cake supply stores, or on Amazon.
– I made the cookies ahead of time and froze them, and had the kids sign all the valentines ahead of time too. We assembled them the day before they were due at school.


Making homemade valentines with your kids can be tons of fun and provide memories for a lifetime.  Now the boys and I have to get back to work on THIS year’s valentines… stay tuned for that post!

Thanks for reading! xoxo, JB

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    I’d love a cookie valentine!!!

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