A couple weeks ago, I posted my latest fall manicure on Instagram Stories and received a lot of messages asking what colors I used. Today I’m sharing the details in this blog post so it can be easily accessible for anyone who wants to know.  I’ve also linked up these beautiful designer dupe bracelets that are ON SALE today for as low as $25!

If you’re local to my little corner of Southern California then you’ve probably heard of BCBC Nails. There are like five locations throughout the Conejo Valley and I’ve been going there for many years. They have a product called Bio Sculpture Gel and it’s by far the best product I’ve ever had on my nails. It’s no exaggeration to say that I often go 4-5 weeks between manicures! Now, the nail growth in the cuticle area doesn’t look so great waiting that long (haha), but my actual nails are always still fully intact with barely any color fading. Winning!

Since my hands are always in water or being bathed in anti-bacterial gel (#MomLife), my nails take a beating. A traditional nail polish doesn’t even last a day on my nails, and the basic gel polishes don’t last for me either. Bio Gel is applied in the same fashion that acrylics used to be, but it’s a much safer product. The best part is there’s NO SOAKING in acetone when it’s time to redo them. They instead just buff the nail down and reapply Bio Gel to the new growth area. My nails are in amazing shape and stronger than ever.

Not sure how prevalent Bio Sculpture Gel manicures are in other parts of the country, but I highly recommend one if you get the chance. Despite being a different gel product, I feel like the nail colors might be universal so I’m going to list which gel colors I used on each finger:

THUMB: 102 Charcoal Burst
POINTER: 081 Pearl Pink
MIDDLE: 134 Easy Pink
RING: 056 White
PINKY: 102 Charcoal Burst

Also pictured above is the wrist stack I’ve been rocking for about a year now. My watch is Michael Kors, but all of my bracelets are designer dupes! These bracelets are such great quality and have been incredibly durable. Psssssttt… these bracelets are ON SALE today for as little as $25 (shop my exact ones below) and they make great holiday gifts for the ladies in your life OR for yourself!


Hmmm… now I have to decide what to do for my next mani! What are your favorite fall nail colors? Thanks so much for reading!

xoxo, JB


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      Thank You! I’m loving the change up!

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