As you may have gathered already, our family is very into Halloween! Our spirit continues with our costume choices as well, and today I’m taking a look back at the past five years of our family costumes (I don’t have any decent photos of the ones prior to that unfortunately… pre-smart phone era). So please join me down memory lane as I share our unique family costume ideas!

We always do a family costume and many people ask how we manage to get our kids to partake every year. It could be a difficult feat with so many different ideas, but we have a couple tricks up our sleeves. The first strategy we used while Sawyer was the only child and even when Grayson first came along but was too young for strong opinions. Sawyer chose whatever character he wanted and then I’d find a way to make it into a family theme.  Once Grayson got older, we switched up our approach by allowing each family member to take turns choosing the idea each year. BUT, there’s a small trick to this too.  On the years when Mommy and Daddy get to pick, we still choose something that we know the kids will love. So, the kids always end up happy but at the same time learn the important life skill of compromise. They love the entire planning process, as well as the end result. Most importantly, they always comment on how much they love doing it together as a family. Winning!!


The boys are ages three and one here. Sawyer had recently become obsessed with Popeye for no apparent reason, but it got him eating spinach so who was I to argue?! Pulling together this theme was relatively easy: Popeye, Bluto, Olive Oyl and A Can of Spinach (hahaha). Sawyer loved the big Popeye muscles so I was ecstatic to find a youth costume that had them built in. I purchased the Popeye and Bluto costumes, but the other two I made with felt, colored tape, a glue gun and other things around the house. I even fashioned a “can of spinach” trick or treat bag out of an oatmeal container. All the little details of this one make me so happy!


The boys chose this overall theme but each person could embrace whichever superhero they wanted. Our Family of Superheroes included Captain America, Wonder Woman, Superman and Thor.  As a Mom, I chose Wonder Woman because that’s what all Moms are! My costume came together via three different Etsy vendors. I was even able to custom order the length of my tutu so Wonder Woman’s booty wouldn’t be hanging out!!


This was the beginning of a two-year period where Grayson wanted to be everything that Sawyer was… hence, the two Batmans (haha)! Since they were both heroes, I decided Mike and I should be two of Batman’s villains: Catwoman and the Joker. The boys’ costumes were so easy because Costco had them at the most inexpensive price ever (they are also available here too). I purchased both the Joker and Catwoman costumes, the Joker makeup kit and neon green hair spray online. Fun fact: Mike did his own hair and makeup, surprising everyone with his secret talents!


Again, both boys wanted to be the same thing. They were so enthusiastic about being skeletons BUT each had specific requests (as kids do). Sawyer insisted on a version with a mask and gloves, and Grayson couldn’t stand the thought of those two items on his body! So, I had to find a different version for him and then paint his face. I’m actually glad it happened this way because I think their individual touches make the overall theme look better. In order to tie everything together, I thought Mike and I could be a Day of the Dead bride and groom (I can’t find links to either costume anymore). Of course, Mike jumped at the chance to paint his own face again and did a spook-tacular job!


Last year it was my husband’s turn to choose the costumes and the theme was Rocknrolla!  Each person was free to choose what rocker they wanted to be. Both boys were pumped to be Guns N’ Roses bandmates because they were dying to wear wigs! Sawyer dressed as Axl Rose (I actually trimmed the adult size wig to fit him), and Grayson as Slash. My husband wanted to be Doyle from the Misfits because his hair is long enough to pull off the signature devilock, and again, he wanted to paint his face!! I dressed as Taylor Swift because I’m obsessed with her Reputation album and wanted to replicate one of her looks from the “Look What you Made Me Do” music video. I purchased and made many little items that added up to the overall look of this family theme. Finding the little details are always my favorite part of the process!

I hope you enjoy seeing our family costumes as much as we enjoy wearing them. One great thing about the kids’ costumes is that they’re always worth the time and money because they play “dress up” with them all year long. They are the gifts that keep on giving. Our family costume for this year will be revealed on Halloween evening and I’m so excited to share! Please comment below on what you and your kids are dressing up as this year!

Thanks so much for reading and sharing! xoxo, JB


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    October 30, 2018 at 6:59 am

    Such great ideas, can’t pick a favorite, love them all.

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      Jennifer Basa
      October 30, 2018 at 11:34 am

      Awww thank you! Good memories!! xoxo

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