Black sunglasses || White button-up shirt that is tailored but stretchy, and stain-resistant || Bracelet one,  and bracelet two


Sometimes I come across items that I just fall in love with, but it’s not the right time to buy them. Maybe the item is similar to something I already have, or an investment piece isn’t in the budget right now, or I don’t really NEED it… but I WANT it (hahaha)! I know you know what I’m talking about! Here’s a fun little wish list I have going for the fall season. I figured maybe you all might be looking for these items too. And I’ll let you in on a little secret… one of my wish list items below just went on sale so I put in my order immediately!


If you follow me on social media, then you know I absolutely love my leopard mules. They go with everything and make every outfit a little cuter. What could be better than upping the ante to a sneaker version??!! These definitely take comfy and chic mom gear up a notch!


When I was visiting my parents in Michigan over the summer I spotted this bag and had an instant crush. Logo bags in neutral hues are my favorite because they go with everything, but adding these colorful patches makes this a real winner! And I like that it’s a cross-body so it’s easy to wear. This is an expensive brand and a high-quality bag so it’s an investment piece for sure.


I’ve had this white watch for many years and I love the oversized fit and style of it. I wear it all summer long, and even a little longer with this Southern California weather. But then the cooler months hit and I don’t have an everyday watch, so I end up just using my iPhone to tell time which isn’t as cute (haha). For years I’ve been putting off purchasing a new watch and this year I decided that it’s time… no pun intended! I wear a lot of silver and gold jewelry so I really wanted a two-tone watch that would match everything. After stalking this one for the last month, it’s finally on sale!! In fact, most of the Michael Kors site is 25% off plus free shipping until October 1st, so if there’s anything you’ve been eyeing, now’s the time.  I just ordered it and will share photos as soon as it gets here. This wish has been granted!


This cute jumper takes me back to elementary school days because I’m pretty sure I had a few of them. I know I had another one in college, and now I kinda really want one again! There are so many cute tops in my closet that would look great underneath this, and so many boots and booties that would go with it too. Hmmm… should I pull the trigger?


Sock booties have been trendy for a couple years now but I still haven’t bought a pair because they weren’t a necessity. Now I’m finding that I have a few skirts that really call for a tighter sock bootie style. They also look amazing with shorter length, raw-hemmed denim. These sparkle ones can be dressed up or down so I’ve added them to my wish list.

What kinds of items are on your fashion wish list this season? I really want to know!

Thanks for reading! xoxo, JB


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    September 26, 2018 at 1:09 pm

    Those leopard slip-ons are awesome!!!!

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      Jennifer Basa
      September 27, 2018 at 8:13 pm

      I know, right?! xoxo

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